How to style an eco-friendly nursery

Written by Sharyn Kidd of Coveco Interior Design - Eco Interior Designer.

You’ve got the essentials, now let’s give it a designer touch …

You all should know that I love choosing sustainable products and anything eco-friendly. Why choose sustainable products over regular products, I hear you say!? You have a brand new, beautiful being to look after now, so let’s begin by giving them fresh, clean air to breathe. Nurturing the health of our beautiful children is not made easy with so many products harbouring hidden, nasty chemicals. Keeping them safe from things such as harmful chemicals and VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) is so important, now more than ever. VOC’s, by the way, are released as gases or vapours into the air, hence making the air quality all the poorer. I’ve been lucky enough to find some thoughtful companies to recommend who are doing a wonderful job ensuring the safe and healthy future for our young ones.



Let’s start by giving the walls a shake up. A nursery can be themed up or given a colour lift by adding a touch of kids wallpaper. If you are starting your nursery from scratch, your building blocks for styling start here. There are also some eye-catching neutrals if you’re styling for a gender neutral look. I can highly recommend Amba Florette for eco-friendly, FSC certified wall paper which is pvc, formaldehyde and phthalates free. Not only that, this wallpaper also come with a Class A Fire Certification and are Greenguard children and schools certified.

Amba Florette - Feathered Friends wallpaper in pink



Baby is eventually going to be old enough to play, so a playmat is a definite essential for your nursery. Freddy & Co. offer designer, reversible play mats. Your personal style on one side and a fun, educational design for baby on the other. The playmats are non-toxic and have passed European and US standards with flying colours. Freddy and Co. also offer 100% bamboo hooded koala towels. They are just gorgeous and great for home and beach days.




I love turning to Etsy for beautiful, handmade in Australia products. The styles and colour palettes here are endless. You will have no trouble finding a mobile your baby will find stimulating and some ultra-cute wall art to go with your theme. 



There’s no other choice here but organic cotton or bamboo as they are naturally sustainable fibres. These organic fabrics are chemical free and will allow your babies body to breathe naturally. If you visit Elkie & Ark™ you will find the most beautiful 100% certified organic cotton and linen, bleach free, toxin free and fair-trade sheets for baby.




Night time feeds are a given - hopefully only for a few months! This is where you will need soft lighting, just enough to find your way around. That way you can both remain in ‘semi sleep mode’ during feeding time and get back to what’s most important a little easier - sleep! Look for sustainable lighting designers who state they are looking after the environment during production and are utilising sustainable resources. I’m loving the table lamps at Mutating Creatures.


I hope these tips help you on your way to styling a sustainable, eco-friendly, designer nursery. Feel free to contact me if you need help moving in the right direction with your nursery design — that’s what I’m here for!


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