My name is Amanda Bennett. An English-born graphic and interior designer with a love for nature's beauty expressed through trees, leaves and flowers - and anything and everything vintage. My unique, natural, and bold wallpaper collections are designed with nature in mind, to bring the beauty of the outside in.

They both come in close second and third to my greatest love and my own beautiful creation and daughter, who I aptly named Ruby-Flower.

The name Amba Florette came to me in a dream and after research I was amazed to discover that it was the term originally given to Amba-stoned, vintage jewellery in the shape of flowers.

It was then in Spring of 2015 that I launched my first wallpaper collections.

Being eco-friendly is also a huge part of who I am, and as a great lover of the environment, it is super important that my wallpapers are also kind to our surroundings.



I wanted to design a wallpaper range that reflected what I see, experience, and love in my everyday life.

I gathered leaves from my garden and from my walks in the Byron Bay hinterland and ocean for the Natures Glamour, Nature's Love, and Nature's Child collections. Took inspiration from vintage designs for the Days of Old and Contemporary Lines collection. And with my heritage being Antiguan and Jamaican, I also wanted to create bold patterns that are inspired by my ancestors. The can be seen my African Dreams collection.


Traditional wallpaper and particularly most vinyl products are made from PVC and have a very high VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) content that 'offgass' at room temperature.PVC as we know has been found to have a multitude of negative health effects, including respiratory problemslike asthma, dizziness, drowsiness and eye and lung irritation. 

Creating beauty from the things that I love

My favourite past-time is visiting local national parks in my vintage caravan. The flowers that you see you below were taken on a trip to the Botanical Gardens on the Gold Coast and now feature in my Marilyn, Camilla and Nicola designs as part of my Nature's Glamour collection.